SureMed integrates pre-existing technologies to provide an innovative solution to the perennial issue of lack of consistency in medical information requests.

Konnect SureMed enables rapid and accurate collection of the additional medical information required for reviewing an insurance application, pricing, and issuing a policy. 

SureMed automates the process from the point where an insurer requests information from a health provider through to the delivery of information to the insurer and payment for that service. Konnect SureMed significantly cuts the average time for this process and reduces the requirement for further requests.

Information requests are created by the insurer/underwriter, via the Konnect web site, using standard forms that reflect tiers of information requirements or forms tailored to a particular insurer's requirements. Brokers and insurers are able to track progress with information requests at any point in the process. Further development will see Konnect SureMed accessed from broker or insurer desktops at the point when the policy application originates.

Konnect SureMed utilises Idiom's intelligent form technology to bring interactive decisioning to the desktop, and join business processes from the insurer network to the primary health care sector in New Zealand and Australia.  Read Konnect SureMed for GP's

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