Purchasing IDIOM

IDIOM offers three licensing model for its products.

  • The IDIOM Assisted Pilot Model – this model provides a ‘right to use’ for the Idiom Decision Manager and any derivative Products as a by-product of an Idiom development.
  • The IDIOM Enterprise License Model – this model is for ‘own use’ of the Idiom Decision Manager and any derivative Products, and usually follows an Assisted Pilot Development.
  • The IDIOM Technology Partnership Model – this model is for software vendors who are interested in embedded IDIOM Decision Manager use, including sublicensing, for commercial resale and/or on behalf development. It can be extended to include IDIOM's derivative Products – Decision Management Workbench, IDIOM Forms, Idiom Mapper, and Idiom Document Generator.

IDIOM understands that buying a decision automation tool is a strategic decision with longer term implications. For this reason we encourage you to take the time to fully appreciate and evaluate the implications of purchasing a tool like IDIOM. We have worked hard to ensure that IDIOM imposes the smallest possible architectural impediment; and to leave your strategic technology options as open as possible. IDIOM does not require you to implement or register any runtime software; we provide you with all runtime source code (either Java or C#) so that we can never "switch you off"; and we also give you license free access to your decision designs in both "logical English" and standard XML forms - our contracts expressly ensure that you have uncontested title to all of your design meta data.

IDIOM does not "lock you in" - you are only committed to IDIOM for as long as our tool remains the most effective tool on the market for capturing your decision designs and turning them into efficient, auditable, industrial strength computer code. That is our mission and our promise!

IDIOM does not normally provide download copies of our Products for self-evaluation. This is because a substantial proportion of the benefit that is derived from use of decision automation is obtained because of the approach used rather than the inherent capability of the tool itself. And while we cannot provide a downloadable self-guided version of the approach, the concepts underlying it are well described in the Cornerstone statements.

However, we can support you with a low key/low cost assisted development to get you started under the Assisted Pilot Model. Even in the short term, this is likely to result in less cost for you for much better outcomes.

The transition to fully independent development as per the IDIOM Enterprise License model is usually achieved via an initial IDIOM assisted project. This process can take as little as a few weeks.

Notwithstanding the above, we are happy to field any proposal or request, so feel free to contact us with any alternative licensing or development proposals.