IDIOM Dialog Manager

The IDIOM Dialog Manager is a conversational web form that is populated by IDIOM Decision Models on the one hand, and by internet users on the other.


The conversation ebbs and flows between the browser based internet user and the server based decision model, which is acting as an intelligent proxy for a business subject matter expert.


The Dialog Manager will share the same primary decision models that are used by all other processes, including IDIOM Forms, for a consistent process and outcome regardless of the form factor used. The key difference in approach between IDIOM Forms and the Dialog Manager is in the volume of data that is in scope for the user at any point in time – the Dialog Manager breaks up the full data context into small, coherent sections, and serves these in ‘bite sized chunks’ that can be easily understood and responded to by the internet user.


A strong focus on user guidance in the form of help text and ‘model answers’ means that the information flow is truly two way, guiding casual or less sophisticated users through a more conversational user interaction.


The conversational elements themselves are easily set up by Subject Matter Experts or Business Analysts acting independently, so that conversational web transactions can be built and adapted in ‘business time’ to keep pace with the speed of learning by the business.


Key points of difference:

Complex transactions for casual, untrained users

Serve the most complex transactions to a new community of users who are otherwise unreachable for these transactions

New products and new services are easily developed and deployed

The full extent of business policy is implemented on the server to interpret and drive the dialog

Large scale/high complexity full business-policy implementation

A complete representation of all of the Dialog owner’s knowledge embedded into the transaction as a fast, accurate, and reliable ‘expert proxy’

Fully integrated into every cycle of the Dialog i.e. per passage

These core business rules are reusable across all other applications

The business is in control

Development of all Dialog components can be done by Subject Matter Experts or Business Analysts so that business owners can develop and deploy Dialogs in ‘business time’ without IT constraint

Keep all business IP secure on the Server while serving it to users across the web (no client side logic).

Audit and Control

Every step of every Dialog is recorded and persisted automatically for audit and non-repudiation

External and legacy systems can be integrated and aligned in real-time to reflect dialog based transactions