IDIOM Products

Why PURE DECISIONING? Because IDIOM is totally focused on automated decision-making as a powerful contributor to business efficiency and agility; as a catalyst for strategy and IT alignment; and as a tool for reducing systems development cost, time and risk.

IDIOM's previous tag-line was 'business rules for business people', reflecting the natural inclination of business people to view ‘business rules’ as an unnecessarily technical way to automate decision making.

Either way, IDIOM’s Decision Manager is "the most business centric" business rules tool in the market according to industry guru James Taylor. When coupled with IDIOM’s Agile Decisioning Approach, the IDIOM Decision Manager and its derivative products deliver outstanding value to any business that relies on automated frontline processes.

IDIOM's products are PURE DECISIONING tools that reflect the fundamental importance of decision automation to enabling and extending a revolution in business efficiency.

IDIOM’s cornerstone product is the IDIOM Decision Manager. The IDIOM Decision Manager is supported by other ‘decision assisted’ products, including IDIOM Forms, IDIOM Dialog Manager, IDIOM Mapper, and the IDIOM Document Generator.

The IDIOM Decision Management Workbench [DMW] provides an enterprise scale management tool for acquiring, testing, assembling, and promoting decision engines throughout the enterprise.