About Idiom


From its inception in 2001, IDIOM has pioneered the development and use of decision automation concepts, tools, and approaches to deliver more cost effective and agile business operations, fast accurate zero touch processing, and improved strategic alignment for customers worldwide in finance, insurance, health administration and clinical health, logistics, and national and local government.

IDIOM continually leverages this 'hands-on' experience to develop and refine its industry leading, purpose built decision automation tool - "IDIOM Decision Manager". The IDIOM Decision Manager is a proven, pragmatic and cost effective tool for capturing, managing and deploying automated business decisions at any scale.

IDIOM is a regular speaker and sponsor of various industry forums including EuroBizRules, International Business Rules, Enterprise Decision Management, and Building Business Capability, championing "decisioning" as a well-defined, conceptually sound, and practical strategic approach that improves business agility while reducing time, cost, and risk to develop business systems.


IDIOM also has many articles providing background and conceptual leadership in decisioning, published on Modern Analyst, the Business Rules Journal, and The Data Analysis Newsletter.


Why PURE DECISIONING? Because IDIOM is totally focused on automated decision-making as a powerful contributor to business efficiency and agility; as a catalyst for strategy and IT alignment; and as a tool for reducing systems development cost, time and risk.

IDIOM's pure decisioning tools reflect the fundamental importance of decision automation to enabling and extending a revolution in business efficiency. And what is decision automation? It is all of the logic, the algebra, and the business rules that collectively define your business decision making - built, tested, and deployed as computer executables by your subject matter experts to implement your decision making inside every business process that requires it.