IDIOM automates the business policy life cycle with immediate, accurate, predictable, transparent decision-making – every time.


IDIOM automates business policies and business rules completely, consistently, correctly, and very, very quickly. The IDIOM tools and approach can address significant problem complexity, huge operational scale, and a wide range of business domains.


  • Automate business policies for immediate, accurate, and transparent frontline decision making
  • Increase business agility to lead or respond to market innovation
  • Ensure absolute alignment between business policies and computer systems for verifiable compliance
  • Simplify systems and development practices to collapse development time, cost, and risk 


Business Rules Excellence Awards 2018

IDIOM has made two submissions describing the outstanding use of business rules by its partners Deloitte New Zealand and PowerHealth Solutions

Payroll Re-calculation & Remediation

This submission describes how Deloitte’s use of rules has given it an agile and cost- effective process to recalculate and remediate payroll systems at scale. The NZ Police payroll remediation is used as a reference case to highlight key elements of the solution.

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PowerHealth Cost, Revenue & Billing

Read how PowerHealth use rules to provide their customers with control over the calculations used in their applications. The Hong Kong Hospital Authority billing project is used to highlight key benefits of the solution. 

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IDIOM Products

Why PURE DECISIONING? Because IDIOM is totally focused on automated decision-making as a powerful contributor to business efficiency and agility; as a catalyst for strategy and IT alignment; and as a tool for reducing systems development cost, time and risk.


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IDIOM is busy productizing its Digital Insurance Platform, including the Migration Bridge to easily migrate and assimilate new business portfolios, for release as a supported product soon. Read this slideset for a preview of how it will revolutionize insurance applications.

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