New Whitepaper: Insurance Systems Migration

Date: 12/08/2017

Framework for the Migration of Insurance Systems

IDIOM Solutions (Australia) and IDIOM Limited (New Zealand)

IDIOM Solutions Pty Ltd. [ISOL] was created early in 2017 jointly by IDIOM Limited [IDIOM] and new ISOL CEO John Salamito. ISOL’s focus is on legacy insurance ‘Policy Administration Systems’ [PAS], with specific focus on:

  • Insurance systems analysis, audit, and remediation
  • PAS migration
  • Insurance product analysis and rationalization
  • Legacy systems renovation and extension

ISOL brings together three essential capabilities that are required to achieve these objectives, each supported by experienced consultants, and proven, proprietary tools (see Figure 1). The capabilities are built around three system viewpoints:

  • The Legacy System(s)
  • The ‘First Principles’ System
  • The Future System(s)
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