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"The true history of the future is one of nimble, continuous, and perpetual change - IDIOM, 2019"

IDIOM Digital Platforms

IDIOM Transaction Engine

Complete, generic, ready-to-deploy, commercial transaction-processing digital platform, ready to be configured for any domain using the IDIOM tools

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LURE Liquid Underwriting + Rating Engine

Specialization of the IDIOM Transaction Engine, configured as an insurance product engine plus optional full-cycle policy sales and administration system for any type of insurance, including direct to consumer and intermediated distribution

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IDIOM Migration Bridge

Specialization of the IDIOM Transaction Engine configured for large scale, many-to-many migrations of data and calculations between any core platforms, providing a mid-stream workbench for cleaning and refactoring data, calculations, products, and clients.

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A complete set of tools and digital platform options to automate business transactions at any scale, quickly, safely, and cost effectively


IDIOM Decision Manager

Rapid, large scale development and deployment of automated decision making in any system

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Embeds unlimited decision-making scale and complexity in large and reflexive webforms

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IDIOM Dialog Manager

Equally scalable decision managed conversations with consumer devices

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IDIOM Document Generator

Decision-controlled generation of commercial documents and contracts

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Business Rules Excellence Awards 2018

IDIOM made two winning submissions describing the outstanding use of business rules by its partners Deloitte New Zealand and PowerHealth Solutions

Payroll Re-calculation & Remediation

This submission describes how Deloitte’s use of rules has given it an agile and cost- effective process to recalculate and remediate payroll systems at scale. The NZ Police payroll remediation is used to highlight key elements of the solution.

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PowerHealth Cost, Revenue & Billing

Read how PowerHealth use rules to provide their customers with control over the calculations used in their applications. The Hong Kong Hospital Authority billing project is used to highlight key benefits of the solution. 

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IDIOM announces release of its new digital insurance platform: LURE - Liquid Underwriting + Rating Engine, a fluid and agile insurance product engine and policy administration system

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